The adolescence is very important and I know that because I'm a teenager myself. This is the time when you develop your own style and personality. When you're a teenager you want to express yourself and the most common way to do that is by the way you dress. I want to show various types of teenagers and their own style and outfits. It's not about picking out fancy outfits with haute couture clothes or anything like that - it's about showing that we're all different (even though it might sound a bit cliché) It's also quite interesting to follow today's fashion trends in countries all over the world. For example; what are the similarities and differences between the fashion in Europe and in Asia? The easiest way to show this was to create a blog where I could cooperate with loads of young people and we could kind of run Teen Outfits together.

Why should you contribute and share your outfit on this blog? Well, wouldn't you want to be a part of a movement like this? This is such an easy way to show your passion for fashion - just by sending a simple picture of your outfit! I really don't see no reasons why you shouldn't send a photo to Teen Outfits!