My name is Kate and I'm a 15 year old Londoner. 
I love experimenting with clothes from the high street, charity shops and vintage. I post my outfits and other inspirations, (and I've also recently started posting my cooking) on my blog. 


Hello everyone who's reading this! My name is Roos and I, like most people on this site, have a fashion blog. On my blog I post inspiration, my outfits, random things that happen to me and lots of other things. I hope you visit my blog and leave a comment telling me what you think about it, because I still have to learn a lot! 
Love, Roos

This is Benedicte's first guest post at TeenOutfits and she describes what she wore this particular day at school!

It was very cold and grey today so I'm glad I wore some bright colors otherwise I would be depressed by the end of the day! I know it's fall and that we should wear darker clothes but I was in a good mood when I woke up that's why I chose to wear this colorful sweater. I knew this sweater could be a little bit 'too much' that's why I wore a black blazer over it. I didn't know it would be so cold, that's why I wore these wedges. Some people think it's weird I wear heels to school, but I like to look feminine! That's one of the reasons why I also wore a belt around my waist.


Say hello to our first guest blogger - Benedicte from bbyangelx.blogspot.com! She will write a few posts this month about teen fashion in her country, BelgiumBenedicte will update and give us an inside look on the fashion trends amongst Belgian teenagers. We had a little chat with her so that you guys could get to know this awesome girl...

1. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion has become a very important part of my life 
since I started blogging. I've learned so much and I love fashion more and more every day. Fashion is also my way of showing how I feel and what I like.

2. Do you have a fashion icon?
My fashion icon is Rihanna. I love her style so much!
I love the fact that she takes so many risks and in the end everybody likes it. She's not afraid to wear what others don't dare to wear.

3. What's the fashion like in Belgium right now?
I think that the people in Belgium are taking more fashion risks now then a few years ago. Most of the people here wear casual clothes, but I think because we now have store like Forever21 and River Island people look more fashionable than casual. 

xx Benedicte